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the process of drawing meaning out of written communication

Simply tracking digital and social data sources isn’t enough to discover meaningful insights about the opinions people express online. Track real-time digital expression of opinions while distilling key insights around the online engagement, opinion and market efficiency of brands, products, people, TV shows, games movies and entire sectors. Leverage insights for a more intelligent and efficient process. Our market-leading AI search technology ensures data-driven decisions, helping you stay informed and win against the competition.

Save time

Cut through the noise with smart, agile search that takes you to the right data in seconds

Mitigate risk

Never miss another
market-moving insight. Catch relevant new developments with our alerts and be among the first to act

Embrace AI

Power your work with the industry’s leading AI technology, including an easy-to-use interface available on all browsers or mobile devices

Generate ideas

Instantly scan market chatter for insights into peers, competitors, or the market

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KAPTiVE collects data from all relevant digital and social sources, aggregates and analyzes the statistics into digestible quantitative metrics, available to you in one place. Clients have access to the full range of digital and social data across all social media, search, Wikipedia and news articles.

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KAPTiVE sentiment scoring can provide an instant snapshot of how positive or negative the language in a transcript is (and how it’s changed from the previous quarter).  If you’re an KAPTiVE client or trial user, you can get started with a Sentiment in platform. 

Sentiment Analysis

Apply powerful sentiment analysis to earnings transcripts

Advanced Sentiment Score

Identify inflection points in sentiment fast. See shifts in sentiment from previous quarters

Intelligent Search

Never miss a thing when analyzing filings, transcripts, news, and research

Intelligent Alerts

Monitor new developments and act fast. Our AI captures language variations, ensuring you don’t miss an important disclosure

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